BTRCC Seeking Production Team for Short Videos on Key Areas of Growth in the Community.


The Bonavista Trinity Regional Chamber of Commerce is seeking a production team to plan, create and present 5 short videos on key areas of growth in the community. This production team must be experienced in producing short video designed for modern tourism and community economic development content.

Statement of Purpose

The Bonavista Trinity Regional Chamber of Commerce is a progressive and innovative organization that is committed to the development of the business community. The organization promotes its mandate with a strong sense of place; through its programming, partnerships and initiatives.

This project is seeking a modern and innovative production team to produce the 5 digital short videos that highlight specific aspects of the Bonavista Peninsula. The chosen proposal will show creativity in their proposal that will set these vignettes apart from other regional tourism marketing. The intended purpose of these videos are to connect a sense of place, purpose and passion of the region, while showcasing the innovation and vitality of the place and those who choose to live and work here.

Scope of Work

The Chamber is committed to producing five short videos to be produced:

The Commons and Marketplace promo (1.5min)
The Commons is an innovative rural business centre and entrepreneurship incubator. The Commons offers access to co-working space, business supports and opportunities through our retail incubator, The Marketplace, to create, test and sell new artisan products. Through this video, we intend to communicate to new start-ups, self-employed people and innovative leaders looking for opportunity, that Bonavista has the type of shared resources and supports that cities have but in a rural environment where the living is connected with the land and people. In a holistic, self-determining way.

Millennial start-ups/creative economy (highlight the entrepreneurial ecosystem) (3.5-5min)
This video is intended to showcase the current creative economy and those that are young, innovative and progressive entrepreneurs living in the region. Businesses like Bonavista Social Club, Newfoundland Salt Company, Boreal Diner, etc are entrepreneurs under 45. These videos are intended to show a self-determining and innovative culture and communicate there is opportunity to do what you love in a place where you can be who you want. This intended to attract more entrepreneurs and visitors.

Tourism based (like a short regional tourism commercial) (1.5-2min)
This video is designed to showcase the region as a tourism hotspot for the province. Food, shopping, tourism experiences and the landscape will all be featured in this video. This video should be created with the domestic and international tourist in mind and should stand out from other current digital media in the tourism space.

Geopark based (2-3min)
This video is intended to showcase the incredibly rich and unique geological significance of the region. This will be a very important component of the tourism offering in the coming years as the region seeks UNESCO Global Geopark status for the incredible geological features of the region.

Not-for-profit highlights (3.5-5min)
This video is intended to highlight the progressive not-for-profit and social enterprise community in the region. The video should promote social innovation through community led initiatives and showcase the residency and power of a socially driven economy.



  • Delivery of concept and story boards for each video for approval
  • Completely produce, shoot, edit and deliver the five short videos in the appropriate digital formats
  • Must deliver scope of work on time and on budget

Term of Contract

  • Must deliver full proposal and storyboard of each video by September 20th
  • Shooting to commence and be completed by October 20th 2018
  • Delivery of completed videos for distribution by November 30th
  • All rights to content and production included in the finished video product to the BTRCC
  • Key milestones require board of directors’ approvals and the company must strongly consider and adhere to feedback and recommendations therein. The successful company will be progressive but understand the nature of non-profit companies and their reporting structures
  • The company will adhere to strict deadlines and deliver on time.
  • The successful company will need to provide proof of insurance, certifications and any other documentation requested by the BTRCC.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation

Please provide a two-pager outlining your vision and concept for the aforementioned content. Please give a detailed description of your vision for this project and an initial concept for each video. Be sure to give a brief overview of your company and provide at least 3 samples of video for our reference. Please provide a detailed quote for work outlined. Please note that it is a competitive process.

Evaluation and Award Process

The contract will be evaluated on creativity and uniqueness; concept and connection with place; price and professionalism. Proposals must be submitted by August 31st . These proposals will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee of the board of directors of the BTRCC.


Please forward all questions to Chelsey MacNeil, Project Manager at 709-765-7594 or at